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Coloring Poems
Homage to Rebecca Horn, and for Beverly Pepper, Louise Bourgeois, Ursula von Rydingsvard, Marina Abramovic, Magdalena Jetelova, Anne Waldman.

photo by Andy Williamson
Wood, pigments, glass, shoes, Stahl
120 x 160 x 100 inches

Holz, Pigmente, Glass, Schuhe, Stahl
305 x 406 x 254 cm

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Crematorium Place
Fireplace, fabric, bomb shell
Site-specific (Medford, OR)
120 x 70 x 90 inches

Kamin, Stoff, Bombenhülse
Ortsspezifische Installation in Medford (OR)
305 x 178 x 229 cm

Fallen Angel
Pigments, feathers
Site-specific (Zwickau, Germany)
Installation over two floors

Pigmente, Federn
Ortsspezifische Installation in Zwickau
Installation über zwei Etagen und Treppenhaus

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Fire place, bomb shells, sledge
Site-specific (Phoenix, AZ)
64 x 72 x 59 inches

Kamin, Bombenhülsen, Schlitten
Ortsspezifische Installation in Phoenix, AZ
163 x 183 x 150 cm

Knowing History
Felt, bone, dried roses, railroad ties, rock, agricultural instruments, poem, bomb shell
Site-specific room installation (Santa Ana, CA)

Filz, Knochen, getrocknete Rosen, Eisenbahnschwellen, Stein, Landwirtschaftsgeräte, Gedicht, Bombenhülse
Ortsspezifische Rauminstallation in Santa Ana, CA

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Prayer for the Marvelous Machines
Bomb shells, granate boxes, silk flowers, letter
72 x 72 x 96 inches

Bombenhülsen, Granatenkisten, Kunstblumen, Brief
183 x 183 x 244 cm

Wood, steel, bamboo, brass, rope, feathers, rail track
Site-specific (Los Angeles)
144 x 312 x 96 inches

Holz, Stahl, Bambus, Messing, Seil, Federn, Eisenbahnschiene
Ortsspezifische Installation (Los Angeles)
366 x 792 x 244 cm

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Waiting for Decomposition
Bamboo, rubber balloon, wood, colored plaster cast
107 x 47 x 55 inches

Bambus, Gummiballon, Holz, gebeizter Gipsabguß
272 x 119 x 140 cm

The Dead Hare
Felt, fabrics, agricultural instruments
90 x 140 x 80 inches

Filz, Stoffe, Landwirtschaftsgeräte
229 x 356 x 203 cm

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  The Panther
Steel, pigments
130 x 98 x 50 inches

Stahl, Pigmente
330 x 249 x 127 cm

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Bomb shells, photo copies, text
60 x 55,5 x 25,5 inches

Bombenhülsen, Potokopien, Text
152 x 141 x 65 cm

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Industrial Ranting
Paint on steel, sound
87 x 96 x 53 inches

Farbe auf Stahl, Klang
221 x 244 x 135 cm