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Public Art and
Project Management

Wolf Gowin works in monumental art, mostly public art projects, since 1988. He searches always for a connection between art and the locality; may it be the local history, the particularity of the vicinity, the social relations of the people to the locality, or the specifics of the landscape. The art should become part of the locale.

The effects of synergy resulting from working with professionals of other occupations are the basis for success, and are always stimulating both intellectually as well as creatively. For Wolf Gowin, working on large projects became more and more invigorating rather than the work in the studio.

Examples of Concepts, Research, and Developments for Public Art Projects:

Examples of Public Art Projects

Project Management

The most important part of a large project is the management of the project itself and at the same time the management of the daily work. These two parts should never be parted from each other.

Management consists not only of the project and its progress, it means leading and motivating the personnel, and consistent problem solving for the entire duration of the project. Wolf Gowin’s experiences are a guarantee that once a project has started it will be finished successfully. Team work and the openness to professionals of other occupations is Wolf's way to success.